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A This is a way for you to earn revenue from your free downloadable product by showing complimentary product offers during the installation path of your software. The user chooses to accept or decline the offer to install the complimentary product and you are paid each time they accept and complete the installation process. This is called installer monetization.
A For Publishers it depends on each product, Geo’s of the users and the Advertiser. Publishers can Earn up to $1 per Install based on targeted contries. Publishers can contact our Chat representatives or Email us for best deals. For Advertisers, Bids starts from 40 Cents to 1.5 USD per Install. Standard Cost Per Install of reliable PPI Network (USA & Canada) are as follows : For Advertisers, Bids starts from 40 Cents to 1.5 USD per Install. Though bids starts with the minimum cost and may vary to the cost mentioned above based on Wallet Deposit. Minimum Wallet Deposit is 700 USD which can be transferred through our Affiliates / Existing Advertiser's Account or through Bitcoin with an additional fees. Negotiations on Minimum Budget Wallet Depost / Minimum & Maximum Bids Per Install can be made with the Network once the Account is Setup & Campaign is Approved.
A For Publishers the Payment methods are PayPal, Neteller, Web Money, Payoneer & Wire. We usualy pay on a Net 30 basis meaning you get paid (NET 30) 30 Days after the previous month of installs. With our Big Partners and publishers who are able to deliver high number of daily installs we are able to make more often payment such as Weekly or Bi-Weekly, NET 7, NET 15 and similar.
A For Advertisers we accepts Payment only through Bitcoins.
A Upon Signing Up, you get login details which allows you to Sign in wherever, whenever and check on your daily Revenue.
A Your installs are tracked using real time data. These reports are transparent, accurate and reported on a real time basis so you can easily monitor what is happening with your account. We also have an advanced tracking system to provide you with instantaneous analytics and Sub-ID level stats. Such features will give you complete transparency when monitoring the progress of your monetization Campaign.
A Please give us up to 48 Business Hours to process the Approval of your Account.
A First, congratulations! Now that your account has been approved, you can start earning money through our program. The next step involves creating a co-bundle and finishing up your integration.
A These result from integrating our code into your installer. Once an online user installs your software, our co-bundle software will ask the user if they want to install any of our partner’s software. If the answer is no, your software’s installation will simply proceed. If yes, the partner software will follow the installation of your own software.
A It should take no more than 24 - 48 HRS for developers to finish the process. If you’re having problems, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.
A No. If you have a new product, we will simply create a new co-bundle URL for you where you can follow the same integration process.
A Our tech team made it possible for to work with most installers. However, the easiest options include: InstallShield, Setup Factory, INNO, NSIS and WISE.
A Yes, our company is able to provide you with solution to monetise your Browser Extension. You are able to chose from you multiple monetizations Solutions.
A Yes, has vast inventory of browsers extension and products which we bought after evaluation of each product. Shoot as an email and we can discuss.
A Absolutely nothing. Our program is entirely free to Join / Use.
A Yes we currently have a $50 minimum in order to be Paid Out.
A If you have that great - If not you we are providing one with you and are able to track all conversions and installs in our platform.
A Yes, has not restriction and can integrate any tracking platform.
A No there is not! You can have unlimited number of campaigns. We of course recommend you to focus on quality of your campaigns, not their quantity.
A Of course! Many of our best partners are publishers with great websites with many daily visits.’s advanced technology is helping them make the most $ possible from every impression which is made on their website by promoting our solutions.
A Yes, we are one of the rear companies nowadays which is monetising every browser there is on Mac and Windows.
A Yes. In our inventory we have more then 5 000 different landing pages for many products that we own internally plus many other that we can promote by given licences of respected companies.
A We do. We are buying pop up / pop under traffic on CPM basis mostly but we also buy it from sites by CPI model, meaning paying for successful Install of certain product or Browser Extension.